The prime objectives for any rules associated with a trade show and especially one with the potential liability of a gun show must be done with the idea of protecting yourself, your dealers and the public. In general, the basic rules should include but not be restricted to the following:

  1. No one less than 18 allowed unless accompanied by an adult and will be under that adult's supervision.

  2. No Nazi material that glorifies this era. Nothing that gives the feeling to the public that the show or its participants adhere to this line of thinking. This does not mean that Nazi guns, daggers or swords are not welcome.

  3. A.T.F. rules and regulations for dealer and private transactions are available free of charge and should be posted at all shows in a conspicuous manner.

  4. No anarchist books, destructive device or bomb material, bomb parts, gun parts designed to circumvent Class 3 laws, machine gun conversion parts, grenades, rockets, shells or ammunition for anything other than small arms. This does not include deactivated Civil War shell, balls, cannon barrels or Gatling guns. Machine guns being displayed must have the proper licenses, permits, etc. displayed with them. They must be displayed with the understanding by the public they are for display only. If any are for sale then the public must be made aware that proper licensing must be adhered to prior to any sale.

  5. Guns, knives (custom-collectors and factory), gun parts, ammunition, shooting accessories and only items that directly pertain to shooting, hunting and collecting will occupy 95% of each dealer's display. The remainder of some dealers space may be used for other items but are restricted to the show rules.

  6. No coins, stamps, rocks, bottles, bumper stickers, baseball cards, jewelry other than American Indian allowed.

  7. No butterfly or switchblades, Ninja or throwing star items allowed.

  8. No black powder.

  9. No martial arts items of any kind other than World War II and earlier Japanese swords.

  10. No flea market items, art or figurines other than that which relates to guns, hunting or the old west.

  11. No items that will give the general public a negative perspective of these shows.

  12. Each dealer must warrant merchandise being sold and settle all complaints with the general public to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Nothing will give gun shows a poor reputation quicker than the word spreading around a community that you will be cheated if you make a purchase at a show.

  13. All weapons should be graded by a dealer and represented as what is, not sold as original if reblued, etc.

  14. Anti-Clinton, A.T.F., sexist, anti-government materials of any kind including videos, books, bumper stickers, T-shirts should not be allowed.

  15. Any video depicting cruelty to animals (hunting is not cruel) should not be allowed.

  16. As the public enters all guns must be checked at the door, clips out and ties to secure them so that they cannot be operated, be breached or loaded. All dealer guns if not under a glass case or taken apart must be tied.

  17. All bags (other than ladies pocket books) should be checked at the door for guns or loose ammunition. Do not rely on the public. No loose ammunition should be allowed, only boxed and sealed.

  18. No dealing outside the building in parking lots, etc. Security should check this on a regular basis.

  19. In order to hold down theft all handguns must be tied with electronic devices or with cord. Firearms in glass cases need to be tied together.

  20. All security should read and sign the accompanying guidelines prior to the opening of the event.

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